Tuesday, June 30, 2009

His Love

Day 1
Take a minute to pray before listening to the song and ask God to open you ears to really hear what He has for you today.
I love this song!!This song was very emotional the first time I heard it. I am a crier and that was my first response as I listened and thought about the day I will sit at His feet. Even writing that brings tears to my eyes. So just know that the most important part of this time with God is exactly that time with Him!
Lets jump into His living word. Heb 11:6
We are not called to casually seek Him how are we called to seek Him ____________
Think about when you really seek after Him. When you make it a priority. When you turn off the T.V., get up early or stay up late. What happens when you earnestly seek Him?
I find that when I put all the stuff down and dig into His Word, get on my knees or listen to a song and really take in what the words are saying He is there.
Lets look at Jer 29:13
You will _______ me and ______ me when you ______ me with all you _______.
Lets back up and read Jer 29: 11-13 When we seek Him he will make those plans know to us. I get very excited about this part. I love that when I put in the effort and really seek Him he is there. Even if I get lax for a few days he does not.
I hope you enjoyed this song today- Jaime


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  2. Love this song, Jaime. It is always stuck in my head!