Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yes Lord - You are enough

Exodus 15:13 In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed. In your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling. (NIV)

I was given the new Hillsong CD for Christmas from my sister and this song has become one of my favorites. There is a much longer version on you tube but I love the verse that she referenced.
The song and her words about the song speak to my life and where I am at right now. She said there are points in the journey and that is so true. I have felt a nudge from the Lord to close a door now for a few years and yet questioned is that really what he is saying? I would ask other believers what do you think, or what do you think I should do. The problem with that is they were not hearing what I was hearing. I knew in my heart what I wanted and what he was asking me to do and yet I was not listening.
I was looking to others for the answer when HE is my answer.
There were two things that helped me shut that door, lock it and trust that he knows what is best for me.
* Shawn's blessing
* Really seeking God and wanting to love Him 1st and do what he has called me to do even when it might look crazy
I see again and again in the Bible that God asks his children to do crazy things according to the world, and yet to Him it is an act of trust. Do we trust that he is who he says he is. Doing a Beth Moore study once she said there is a difference in believing in God and Believing God. God has already shown he is who he says he is and he is trustworthy and yet he keeps showing me more and more of His plan and love for me.
I am not doing anything special I am just putting Him first. Yes, I fail, but overall I am making choices that say you Lord are more important than the T.V., than that extra 30 minutes of sleep.
It is a journey and all I know is I want to be on the journey with Him and doing what he has called me to do. Do I know all the plans he has for me, no, but I know that they will be better that what I could ask or imagine. The fact that I get to walk with Him daily is enough. I had to get to that point that he was enough!
I am so thankful he was patient with me because it took years.

Pray with me
I get fired up and excited for what you are doing in
my life and so many others. You love your children
and lovewhen we put down the distractions of the world
and spend time talking, praying and reading your word.
Open our eyes to see more of you today and this week.
Help us not look at pleasing others, but pleasing you.
We know that your plan for our lives is so much better
than what we could think up, and yet sometimes it's hard to wait.
Help us to remember its a journey and the best part of the
journey is you.
I love you Lord - Amen

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