Sunday, February 21, 2010

Protect your quiet time

This song is one to listen to in your quiet time. I hope you take a minute to listen and share your heart with Jesus.

Do you find these words to be true in your life. When you set down the distractions and totally seek Him what do you feel?
I find as a woman, wife and mom that more and more I need to be filled with quiet time with my Lord. For years I have been doing my quiet time when my girls nap and that worked at the time. Now those days of 2 hour naps are coming to an end and I was noticing that by the end of the day I had little energy to read, study or pray.
So I decided I would set the alarm and have that time before anyone is up. When that alarm goes off I think to my self really is it time to get out of this warm bed already. Going to the basement half awake I usually pray, read and sometimes listen to a song. It takes me a while to wake up and there have been days when I think did I really give God the time he deserves and desires.
What I am noticing is that through out the day a verse will come to mind when needed,and I am more productive and less tired. As much as the world sucks us dry the Lord wants to fill us up. I can now see and feel the difference when I take that time in the morning and when I choose to sleep in.
The more I seek Him the more He is there to give me what I need.
Thank you Lord
This is a great song to have in your quiet time. I have closed my eyes and tried to imagine sitting at the feet of Jesus. Sisters in Christ we will have that privilege some day!
Have a Blessed week - Jaime

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