Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Portion

My Mom gave me a CD a few weeks ago and I have really come to love one particular song. She gave me the CD and we both had a favorite song at the time.
* In the Sanctuary
You have to check it out on You tube - If you are having a blaaa day this song will get you dancing and put a smile on your face.
I am still loving that song but I have another song that has captured my heart.
* Made me Glad
The whole song is awesome but the one word that keeps sticking out to me in My Portion.

When a word keeps catching my attention I try to take time and look to see if I can find scripture on it. I have also seen in other studies that they look up the word in the dictionary and so I decided to be a little copy cat.

This is what the Websters Dictionary says for the word portion:

*individuals part or share

*a share received by a gift or inheritance
Funny how words come up at the same time in different songs or studies. Well the word portion is that word for the last few months. I know he is my portion but really I am his too. WOW he looks at me as a gift. I know it's in His word but sometimes it doesn't sink in.

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