Monday, August 17, 2009

Encouragement - To play in the Rain

Today was a great day to play in the rain and after a few minutes of the girls asking we headed outside. The girls had a blast playing in the puddles, with there umbrella and doing sidewalk chalk. There smiles and excitement were the best and even more fun than playing outside on a sunny day.
I have thought about taking the girls out in the rain may times but usually try to get them going on something inside. After seeing pictures on facebook of another Mom playing in the rain with her kids I was encouraged to do it myself. This Mom has no clue that she put the thought in my mind or encouraged me to do so, but she did.
I love that as Mom's we can encourage each other in the simple and big things.
Simple things like playing in the rain can be fun memories for our kids and ourselves. Thanks to a friend on facebook we had a great time playing in the rain!


  1. Did you see the rainbow too? We seen them at two seperate times, that was fun!