Monday, May 18, 2009


As I am coming off a weekend with my girls I have so any thoughts running through my head. I had this weekend alone with them because, Daddy was at a men’s conference. Shawn and I knew he would have a blast, but I had no idea how much fun I would have. Even though my girls are only 5 and 3 they are growing up. I can have little conversation with them and we can just be girls. We did things like eat pizza, hang out with Nana, dance to music, went to a dance recital we just had fun!! As much fun as I had with my girls I was ready for Shawn to be home last night. As I sat on the couch watching a movie and laughing out loud something someone was missing.
While I was watching the movie I thought I should write him a little note and just remind him how much he is loved. In the day to day grind we don’t tell each other enough how much we appreciate each other. This weekend was fun, but on a day to day basis I would never choose to do life without him.
Shawn is on my mind but who is in your life that you really appreciate that you could take a minute this week to write a note to. Who blesses you on a daily or weekly basis that deserves more than a verbal thank you. Maybe it’s another Mom who is helping you in life right now. Or maybe your like me and you love your hubby and know that he is a great Husband and Father and yet writing it down is last on the to do list.
We all need a little encouragement once in awhile. I will definitely be taking time today to write my note of encouragement.

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