Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Victory Celebration

This is such a great song. For me I just needed something fun and uplifting today. Easter Sunday was amazing! Our service was awesome and then spending time with family and the great weather was an added bonus. Then comes Monday, and back to the grind. Well I wanted to have a good attitude and so I thought singing a New Hallelujah song would be a great start.
Maybe you knew this verse was in the Bible but for me this was an exciting find.
Let look at Ps 149:1
Sing to the Lord a ______ ____________
Is that not the best!! I was so excited to find this verse. God is so Good!!
I want to share what is written in my Bible as the theme of this verse:
Word for Word it says
A victory celebration. We have the assurance that God truly enjoys his people. That is great news.
Lets read all of Ps 149 and look at how we can praise our Lord
Check out three ways we can praise our Lord according to Ps 149
Do you ever get caught in the moment and start singing in your car or at home. Do you ever start dancing?
Ps 149: 3 Lets praise him with _________
Have you ever been at home or at church were you let all the walls down and praised him with dancing?
If not would you want to get to the point where you could start dancing if you were lead to do so?____________________________
I know for me dancing and music in my house go hand and hand. We might be listening to praise and worship music or head and shoulders knees and toes. Kids love to dance and I have to say so do I. Now I am not one to dance in public but I wish I was a little more child like in that area. When we are singing certain songs at our church the kids are dancing and they could care less if people are watching. It is funny how our kids can sometimes set the example of being Christ like.
Lets look at verse 4 why might we want to dance and give praise to our Father?
He _____________ in us. He crowns the humble with ________________.
Two great reason for reverence and praise.
One of the things that has been pulling at my heart lately is genuine worship. Lets close in prayer and ask the Spirit to open our eyes and heart to how we can drop the walls and just focus on him and not the others around us or the stuff in our lives.
I hope you have a great day and Sing a New Song to our Awesome Lord

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