Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Genuine Worship

Take a minute to listen to this great song and have a minute of Praise and Worship
Genuine worship
Don’t we all need a New Hallelujah at one time or another.
So were you ready to stand up and praise or raising your hands .Genuine worship does not require that we raise our hands but it does call for us to follow the spirits leading. Be open to that as you listen to this song if you feel led to stand and lift your arms or dance do so. Follow the spirits leading and you will be blessed!!

Lets look at Luke 19: 40
Who will cry out if we don’t________________________
I have to be honest and say that some weeks in my life the stones have cried out. In those weeks my time in worship is little and the time I do give is not in completely focus on God. How can we prepare our hearts for genuine worship?

I don’t think there is a magic formula and I think what works for me may be different for what works with you.
I know for me that prayer is a big part of preparing my heart. The reason I starting writing is so that I could share with others what has worked for me as a distracted Wife and Mother. Listening to a song before my quiet time helps me put the distractions behind me and gets me ready for my quiet time. While listening to the song my mind might still be thinking about 10 different things but then after I pray and journal my heart is ready.

To end the day lets look at a few verses that have the same message and yet are the heart of how to truly worship. Write down one or two words that stick
Matt 22:37 - What is our instruction from Jesus?
Verse 38 says this is the _______ and greatest _____________
Deut 6:5
Deut 6:6 Says that these commandments are to be upon our ________

If we are called to Love the Lord with all of our heart soul and strength I think that includes are praise and worship time. Together this week lets give him our all. I know that I can only do this through the work of the Holy Spirit so lets pray:
I am so excited to be in your word and to be reminded of what you have called me to do. I do love you and yet many times I don’t praise you with all of my heart so or strength. Spirit help me this week and forever give my heavenly Father the praise and love he deserves. I LOVE YOU Lord

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